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SandBagger Golf Event Organizer is a powerful and effective application that enables you to easily organize a golf event and manage all of its aspects, regardless if it's a friendly tournament or a more professional competition with high prizes and skilled players. This impressive program is really comprehensive, letting you handle every aspect of organizing and managing a golf event, from the initial stages of registering the players and setting the entry fees to the final phases of calculating the scores and handing out the prizes. Since it also supports multi-day competitions, this tool can also be used to track and manage entire leagues, not just occasional tournaments.

Since setting up a golf event is a complex job, no matter if you've done this plenty of times before or you're a complete beginner, the SandBagger Golf Event Organizer offers detailed help at every step of the event organizing process. I really like that it also provides detailed explanations of various tournament types, handicapping options and even a neat and handy checklist containing suggestions for the activities that a novice golf tournament organizer should keep in mind.

Last but not least, the reporting capabilities of the SandBagger Golf Event Organizer are amazing too, as it allows creating numerous reports for various phases and aspects of the event, like for receipts, prize lists, scoring, and so on. Printing score cards and labels is also possible, as well as exporting various data to Excel spreadsheets or MS Access database files.

To sum it all up, SandBagger Golf Event Organizer is a great tool to have if you're involved in setting up and organizing a golf tournament. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but that's only because it packs a lot of handy features and functions. After spending a few minutes to accommodate with its functions and options, you'll be amazed of how powerful and handy this tool can prove to be.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lets you track and organize registration data, including entry fees
  • Contains explanations for tournament types and handicapping options
  • Can generate numerous types of reports


  • Free registration that will remove a 30 day evaluation restriction is required
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